3 Ply Disposable Surgical Face Masks



3 Ply Disposable Surgical Face Masks are no longer a style statement or a luxury item now, they are a mandatory facepiece that protect the wearer from a deadly infection. As the need for face masks has grown, a lot of new mask types have popped up in the market. With so many options, buyers don’t know what to look for. In such cases, the 3 ply surgical mask is an enduring and trustworthy option.

The 3 ply surgical face mask is an effective barrier against multiple kinds of dust, pollution and bacteria in the environment. True to its name, the 3 ply surgical face mask has three layers:

  •         The innermost layer, which is extremely absorbent. This layer is made of soft non-woven material that is designed to absorb the spit and mucus particles that are expelled from the wearer’s mouth and nose. Despite the absorption, the material of this layer ensures that it is not soggy or wet. This layer is also equipped with odor control and prevents the mask from smelling bad even after hours of extended use.
  •         The middle layer, which is the filtration layer. This layer is made of melt blown material, which is designed to prevent dust and bacteria from reaching the wearer. This layer is also non-flammable, as it is created using melt blown extrusion. This layer is also extremely study and sterile.
  •         The outer layer, which is a non-woven layer that is designed to be a fluid repellent layer. Any fluids like spit will be stopped at this level and not be allowed near the wearer’s mouth or nostrils.


Additional advantages

In addition to the benefits of each layer, the 3 ply surgical mask also has some added advantages:

  •         Comfort

Unlike many other effective masks, the 3 ply disposable surgical face mask can be worn relatively comfortably for extended periods of time. The breathability of this mask is also higher than masks like N99 or even N95.

  •         Disposable

This mask is a single-use disposable facepiece. It is not meant to be worn more than once. This means that any germs accumulated on the mask will be immediately discarded. The wearer must use a fresh piece every day.

  •         Economical

Since it is a 3 Ply Disposable Surgical Face Masks, it can be bought in bulk, which makes it an economical choice of safety gear.

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