3M 9332+ Aura Disposable Respirator Mask



3M 9332+ Aura Disposable Respirator Mask, FFP3, Valved, 9332+, is a P3 respirator by 3M. P3 respirators are used as barriers against extremely toxic levels of dust or particulates. This category of masks is reserved for heavy duty masks designed generally for industrial use, with the masks offering protection against dangers like harmful pharmaceutical dust and asbestos.

The Aura Disposable Respirator, FFP3, Valved, 9332+ is made specifically for workers who are exposed to fine dust and toxic chemical fumes. The design of the mask also makes accommodations for the typical safety goggles worn by employees who work in industries like pharmaceutical manufacturing and woodworking. This respirator accounts for the real ergonomic challenges that workers face when they try to combine their safety equipment, only to find it incompatible with each other. This can be evidenced by the sculpted nose panel that is designed for the wearer to rest their safety goggles, or other eyewear on.

Features of the Aura Disposable Respirator, FFP3, Valved, 9332+:

  •         Exhalation valve

The Aura Disposable Respirator is equipped with a 3M Cool Flow valve that is designed to reduce the temperature of the inside section of the mask, and to stop the wearer from feeling dizzy or suffocated. Breathing in a humid environment while doing physical labor is difficult enough, but it gets significantly harder with an industrial level mask. With the Cool Flow exhalation valve, wearers do not have to worry about staying cool, no matter how hot the work environment is.

  •         3 panel design

3M’s innovation shines through with their original three panel design that takes into account the mask shifting caused by facial movements and gives the wearer a three paneled industrial mask to move around in. With this design, the mask wearer can freely communicate with colleagues and clients without having to be worried about their mask.

  •         Comfortable

With all its merits and specifications, one of the major advantages of this respirator is its comfort level. The 3M 9332+ Aura Disposable Respirator Mask offers genuine comfort. The wearer can speak freely, adjust their eyewear, and even use the chin tab and nose clip to adjust the mask to fit best.

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