Disposable Non woven shoes



Disposable Non woven shoes: One of the most overlooked parts of a general kit of personal protective equipment (PPE) is the shoe covers. If you walk into a contaminated area with your shoes uncovered, there is a good chance that you now have some of the bacteria on the bottom of your shoes, and are now spreading it around as you walk to other places. The only way to prevent this is to invest in good disposable shoe covers.

Other than as PPE pieces, disposable shoe covers are also used by cleaners and technical service workers to keep the indoors of the property clean as they do their jobs. Shoe covers are also used when cleaning carpeted floors. They can also double up as storage packing for your shoes, since individual shoe boxes take up too much space.

Disposable shoe covers are covers that are worn over the shoes. They have an elastic mouth which ensures that the covers fit snugly around the wearer’s ankles without slipping down the back of the shoes.

Features of disposable shoe covers:

  •         Material

Disposable shoe covers are made of non-woven spun bond (SMS) material. They are a biodegradable alternative to plastic covers. The material of non-woven covers may look thin but it is sturdy and protects the wearer’s shoes from dirt and microorganisms.

  •         Size

Disposable shoe covers are available in a universal size that fits most adults. The elastic on the covers is strong and does not slip down the back of the shoes, no matter how big or small it is. Adults with very small feet should wear thick socks to increase the width of their ankles. In case of children, a smaller size exists, but may not be readily available. 

  •         Color

Disposable non-woven shoe covers are only available in the same general blue color as most other PPE items.

  •         Skin friendly

Disposable non-woven shoes are made from soft and comfortable material that does not irritate the skin, even after extended use. That is why they can also be used when the user is wearing flip flops or similar open styled shoes.


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