Disposable Surgeon Caps

At Ats stock, most secure and quality disposable surgeon caps are available for market sale. Our design is focused well to cover head area safely. As the name these disposable surgeon caps are not restricted to pharma professionals.



Disposable surgeon caps are one of the most versatile hygiene apparels available in the market today. These caps are made from non-woven polypropylene, ensuring that the wearer is comfortable.

They are used to cover the head area from germs and viruses. They also act as hairnets, making sure that the wearer’s place of work is not contaminated by hair.


Despite their name, disposable surgeon caps are not restricted to medical professionals, though they are the main clientele. These caps can be used for several reasons, at the workplace or even at home.

  •         These caps are one of best ways for frontline healthcare professionals to maintain hygiene. They are comfortable and can be worn for a long time without causing irritation to the scalp or neck.
  •         Disposable surgeon caps are also used in restaurant kitchens, salons, factories, manufacturing workshops, etc.
  •         These caps can also be used by nurses and nursing attendants in homes and institutions.


  •         Disposable surgeon caps are made from a light, non-woven fabric, which is often Polypropylene. These caps are made to be used for long periods of time. They are used by professionals for a full workday. This is why they are equipped with a light and soft elastic to hold the cap in place so it does not need to be touched or adjusted during work.
  •         These caps are available in only one size which most people. The elastic will make sure that the cap will fit well regardless of your size.
  •         As these caps are disposable, their ideal usage is a single wear. After being used once, it is best to dispose of them. Due to this, these caps must be bought in bulk to fulfill the daily hygiene needs of various professionals. Thankfully, these caps are affordably priced and can be bought in bulk.
  •         When being sold, disposable surgeon caps are packed and stored in a way that they take up very little space. Due to this, these caps are ideal for travelling healthcare professionals and emergency service workers, who may need to change the cap between client visits. 

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