Disposible Arm-length Gloves



Disposible Arm-length Gloves are one of the most versatile safety apparels. They are manufactured in a variety of materials, like rubber, vinyl, latex and polyethylene. Regardless of the variety in materials, all gloves have the same essential purpose: to protect the hands from the harmful temperatures, chemicals or bacteria in the environment.

In the medical field, gloves are mostly made of latex and polyethylene. That is because these materials are thin and flexible enough to allow for some feeling through the gloves, while still maintaining a sturdy barrier between bacteria and the skin. The length of gloves used in the medical field will differ based on the job that is to be done. Gloves can be either of these lengths:

  •         Wrist length
  •         Mid-forearm length
  •         Elbow length
  •         Arm length

Tasks and procedures that involve dealing with fluids or working in high risk contaminated areas should always involve gloves that are longer than wrist length. In isolation and pandemic wards, disposable arm length gloves are the ideal choice, to completely minimize the amount of skin open for contamination. Even in cases when the healthcare worker is wearing long sleeves under the gloves, it is still good to have the extra protection afforded by the impenetrable material of the gloves, which can stop any bacteria from being absorbed into the user’s clothing.

One of the biggest advantages of using disposable arm length gloves is that the wearer’s arms are almost completely covered, and once the gloves are removed, they can be immediately discarded without delay, thus cutting off any further contamination.

Features of arm length gloves

  •         Actual length

Since the term ‘arm length’ is a bit vague, the actual length of the gloves can be anywhere between the upper arm to the shoulder. Gloves that are looser will tend to be longer than tight, form fitting gloves, which are difficult to wear all the way to the shoulder.

  •         Material

Arm length gloves in the medical field are largely made of either latex or polyethylene. Latex gloves are significantly tighter than polyethylene gloves. For actual medical procedures, latex gloves are used as they have a more precise grip. Polyethylene gloves are used for minor procedures and cleaning purposes.

  •         Color

Latex Disposible Arm-length Gloves are available in several solid colors like white, blue, yellow, green, etc. Polyethylene gloves, on the other hand, are translucent and are available only in a few colors.

  •         Size

Polyethylene arm length gloves are available in a universal size, as they are meant to be loose fitting. Latex gloves are available in sizes like S, M and L. 

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