HDPE Disposable Plastic Gloves



HDPE Disposable Plastic Gloves: Sanitation products made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) are some of the most versatile products in the hygiene and medical fields. HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer which is sometimes shortened to ‘polythene’.  

HDPE gloves are one of the most used products in a number of industries: medicine, sanitation, etc.


  •         Food service

HDPE gloves are used by almost all workers in the food service industry, regardless of their actual role. These gloves are the go-to option for anyone who handles food.

  •         Medicine

These gloves are commonly used for sanitation purposes in the field of medicine.

  •         Salons and spas

HDPE gloves are generally the only ones used in salons and spas, since they are loose and easily disposable.

Types of gloves

  •         Wrist length
  •         Forearm length
  •         Elbow length
  •         Full length


  •         Sturdy and tear proof

The feel of HDPE gloves is comfortable and lightweight. However, this does not mean that their sturdiness is compromised. Disposable HDPE gloves are largely tear proof. 

  •         Unrestricted mobility

Disposable HDPE gloves are thin and do not restrict the wearer’s range of hand and finger movement. The wearer can still do all the things they could have done with their bare hands, only now with an additional layer of protection.

  •         Effective barrier

These gloves may look thin, but they form an impenetrable barrier against all germs and bacteria in the environment and the glove wearer’s skin.

  •         Wearer can feel temperature

One of the major benefits of HDPE disposable gloves is that they allow the wearer to assess the actual temperature of objects and people. These gloves do not have insulation properties, so wearers can make accurate conclusions.

  •         No irritation

HDPE gloves are made of skin friendly material that can be worn for extended periods of time without irritating the skin.

  •         Comfortable fit

The fit of HDPE disposable gloves is loose and comfortable. The glove cut is generally wider than the wearer’s actual hand, so the wearer does not have trouble with putting the gloves on or taking them off. Unlike latex gloves, HDPE gloves do not cling to the skin and do not pull on hair.

  •         Single use

HDPE Disposable Plastic Gloves should be disposed of after a single use. They do not need to be washed or otherwise sanitized before being discarded.


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