latex examination gloves

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Latex examination gloves have been a popular choice of hand protection since the 1960s. Even today, latex gloves are preferred over vinyl and nitrile glove when dealing with situations that have a high risk of contamination. This involves a wide array of procedures involving blood, fluids and different types of diseases.

There are two types of medical latex available: first Surgical and second Examination. The differences between the two types lie in their purposes and the strictness of their approval standards.

Some advantages of examination gauntlets are:

Sterile and Non-sterile

Sterile gloves have to be approved by the FDA and have an extremely low Acceptable Quality Level of pinholes (1 – 1.5), i.e. only a maximum of 1.5% of the sample being tested can have pinholes.

Today Non-sterile must have an Acceptable Quality Level of pinholes that falls within the range of 1.5 to 2.5, which indicates that only a maximum of 2.5% of the test sample was found to have pinholes.

Unlike surgical gauntlets, which have to be sterile, examinations gauntlets are available in both the sterile and non-sterile classifications. The wearers can decide which one to use on the basis of the safety risk involved in the procedure. Studies so far have found no causal relationship between non-sterile examination gloves and increased infection, and most medical professionals use non-sterile care for the majority of their tasks and procedures.


Of the two, latex examination gloves are far more versatile, and consequently used more often. While surgical glove is meant to be used only by surgeons, examination glove can be used by any other person in the hospital or clinic. It can be used by doctors, nurses, radiologists, pharmacists, caregivers, sanitation staff, as well as any other medical professionals.

Most procedures

These are fit to be used for most non-surgical medical procedures. Due to the dexterity afforded by latex glove, they are the go-to glove choice for tasks ranging from simple diagnostic examinations to minor non-invasive medical procedures.

Material features

Latex is preferred as a medical glove material for a variety of reasons. These are extremely comfortable and allow the wearer complete mobility. Since latex examination gloves are extremely fitting, they are also more sensitive than other glove materials. Latex examination gauntlets are a very effective barrier against contaminants in multiple forms, be it blood, fluid, or bacteria.

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