Latex Surgical Gloves Non Sterile



Latex Surgical Gloves Non Sterile have been around for a while. Overall, the professionals are using these in a variety of industries. We offer you convenient and easily accessible type of disposable glove at very comfortable prices. Ats commercial trading is know for quality shopping with our secured payment gateway. We follow tested procedure while delivering you. Since 2015 we selling our best products at best market prices across the world.

In the medical field, most clinics use our products for a variety of procedures. In a field where glove must be discarded as best choice after every examination and procedure. As per medical industry, currently there are two types available:

Sterile: We have been declared sterile according to the FDA’s requirements. Sterile has a very low rate of Acceptable Quality Level of pinholes at 1 to 1.5. This means that out of all in the tested sample, only 1.5% have pinholes.


Non-sterile: These do not have to go through the same extensive sterilization and examination. As such, We have a slightly more lenient Acceptable Quality Level of pinholes at 1.5 to 2.5. This means that 2.5% of the tested sample of pinholes.


Uses of Latex surgical gloves non sterile

Medical procedures

Latex Surgical Gloves Non Sterile are a common item in hospitals. We know these are less expensive than other brands. But if we talk about comfort and quality feel than no other option we have. We use for almost all medical procedures except major or long lasting surgeries. The medical practitioners use non-sterile latex for diagnostic examinations. The non-invasive medical procedures and even minor operations are also in the same list.

Aside from medical doctors, the radiologists, nurses, pharmacists, sanitation staff, are also using our products.


Researchers in chemical and biochemical laboratories also use these best selling products. Yeah this is true they have to use it to handle equipment and apparatuses.

Advantages of non-sterile latex surgical


As we compared to both are significantly less expensive. Especially when you are purchasing in bulk collection. As per an economical survey these are most selling products in last one year. The bulk purchases are the only feasible option that most hospitals and clinics have.


Non-sterile latex surgical are available in a variety of colors. You have option like white, blue, green, etc. The hospitals generally buy different colored sterile and non-sterile. So the staff can easily tell the difference and benefits.


These types of gloves are available in most common sizes, S, M, L, and XL. So what are you waiting for just make your deal now! You will get more convenient and price value products from ats. You will never find any issue in our products.

Disposable Latex surgical gloves non sterile

We know the value of disposable latex surgical gloves non-sterile. So here we have some quality products for you. It sounds good that these gloves are to be discarded after every use.

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