N95 Medical Face Mask



For healthcare and emergency workers, wearing a N95 Medical Face Mask or respirator is now a safety requirement, more than it is a choice. And the N95 mask fulfils that requirement most efficiently. A respirator is given the qualification of N95 only when it filters out at least 95% of atmospheric particulate matter, or airborne particles. N95 masks and respirators are the go-to facepieces for medical, surgical and industrial use due to their superior filtration and resulting safety from viral particles.

Medical face masks with the N95 title are the successors of this respirator. Medical face masks are designed to act as a physical barrier between the wearer’s nose and mouth and the external environment. Face masks serve a purpose for both the wearer and the environment:

  •         The wearer is protected from dirt, dust and harmful bacteria that is present in the environment.
  •         Other people are protected from the wearer’s spit and mucus particles that are released into the air while speaking.

The N95 medical face mask is a multi-layered mask that filters out pollution dust, small liquid particles and odorous smells from the environment to keep the wearer safe and comfortable. Layers in the N95 mask include an outer non-woven layer that repels fluids, multiple melt blown filter layers, and an inner non woven layer that absorbs the wearer’s spit, stopping it from going further.

Benefits of the N95 medical mask

  •         Waterproof

The N95 face mask is resistant to water as the outer layer is hydrophobic. However, wetting the mask completely is not advisable.

  •         Comfortable

Unlike respirators and the N99 mask, the N95 face mask offers a good balance between comfort and safety. With its advanced filtration system and its lightweight and breathable design, the N95 mask is the best option for people who are not professional healthcare or emergency workers.

  •         Absorbent

The inner non-woven layer of the N95 is designed to be highly absorbent without getting dirty or soggy. This makes it possible to use the mask more than once.

  •         Multiple melt blown filter layers

The N95 Medical Face Mask has multiple melt blown layers that act as an efficient filtration system and keep out dust and fluid particles from reaching the wearer.

  •         Reusable

The N95 face mask is reusable up to 80 to 100 hours, or until it becomes damp on the inside.

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