Single Ply Face Mask with Earloops

Ats is the right place to shop for Single ply surgical face mask with earloops. We’re serving since last 10+ years and we know the value of everyone’s health. Ats is not like other who just want to sale out there products at any way without any quality guarantee. Ats is the well knowing medical products trading company who sell only quality products at very reasonable prices. For more details you can contact us here.



Single ply face mask with earloops is made from non-woven fabric to protect the wearer from dust and multiple types of bacteria. Ats commercial trading always offer you quality products so there is nothing to be worried about for you any need. These have extremely lightweight one layer and good for daily use, as well as you can also use it while travelling.

In current scenario, these are one of the most commonly used face masks. While there are fancier options also available for sale, and it has quality merits which is doing good work for public.



This is an extremely affordable one for everyone who are looking to purchase. With a low per piece price and the option to buy in bulk, it is a good mask for business owners who need protection for their employees. Single ply masks are also an economical option for people who have to travel to and from work every day, and don’t want to invest in more expensive disposable masks.


These are very comfortable and lightweight and very easy in use. They can be worn for a long time without causing irritation or discomfort. These are also easy to breathe through and male & female both can use it. They are good for people who find 2 and 3 ply masks claustrophobic.

Adequate protection

These filter approximately 80% of the bacteria in the air, which is only 5% less than a 3 ply mask. With proper social distancing, it will keep the wearer just as safe as a mask with more layers and features.

Multiple colors

You can browse here in multiple colors option which are available in a variety of colors. You can match your need with your outfit to make the look like an organic part of your look.


Single ply face masks with earloops are not reusable. They must be discarded after one use. This means that you do not have to soak and wash your mask every day. You can buy or place an order online in bulk and be prepared for a long time. Everything you will get in our business website where you can also check other related products.

Single ply face mask with earloops and nose clips

Single ply face mask with earloops and nose clips make it secure on your face. The earloops keep attached to your face while the nose clip ensures that your nose and mouth are both being covered by the face mask. This increases the effectiveness and works long last in a better way. As we see current time, these are using by every second person due to this corona virus. If you are in need contact us and place your order in bulk, we will dispatched your order to your address.

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